Monthly Archives: September 2018

POWER INTEGRATIONS, INC. v FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR, decided Sept. 20, 2108 after rehearing, Non-infringement

U.S. Patent Nos. 6,212,079 and 6,538,908 are directed to power supply controller chips (pages 2-3).   The claims recite a “fixed switching frequency for a first range of feedback signals” and “a multi-function circuit coupled to receive a signal at a multi-function terminal for adjusting a current limit of a power switch” (pages 3-4).  “Fixed switching […]

NOBEL BIOCARE SERVICES AG v. INSTRADENT USA, INC., decided September 13, 2018, claim interpretation and publication

U.S. Patent No. 8,714,977 is directed to dental implants with a frustoconical shape where a diameter of an apical end is larger than a diameter of a coronal end (pages 2-3).  The prior art is a catalog, which was publicly accessible by being available as evidenced by a visitor at a conference having saved a […]

PARKERVISION, INC., v. QUALCOOMM INC., decided September 13, 2018, claim interpretation

U.S. Patent No. 6,091,940 is directed to frequency up-conversion where harmonics due to amplitude modulation are filtered (pages 3-5).  The apparatus claim recites the capability to generate integer harmonics, and the prior art has that capability even if not done (pages 9-10).  The claim recites a switch module to receive an oscillation signal where the […]

INTELLECTUAL VENTURES I LLC v. T-MOBILE USA, INC., decided Sept. 4, 2018, claim interpretation

U.S. Patent No. 6,640,248 is directed to bandwidth allocation by type of software application.  The specification describes the allocator as being at the data link layer of the OSI standard and using information from the application layer, transport layer, or network layers of the OSI standard (pages 2-4).  The claims recite an “application-aware media access […]