Monthly Archives: July 2019

SOLUTRAN, INC. v. ELAVON, INC., decided July 30, 2019, Statutory Subject Matter

U.S. Patent No. 8,311,945 is directed to processing paper checks by digital capture of data at the point of purchase to promptly process a deposit with scanning and image capture at a different location and later matching the captured data to the captured image (pages 2-4). The PTAB had denied a 101 challenge in a […]

AMGEN, INC. v. COHERUS BIOSCIENCES INC., decided July 29, 2019, Arguement-based Estoppel

U.S. Patent No. 8,273,707 is directed to purifying proteins using HIC (pages 2-3). In prosecution, the applicants argued that combination and a particular combination of salts is not taught in the prior art (pages 4-5). A declaration discussing the particular combination as being beneficial was submitted during prosecution (page 5). Due to argument-based prosecution history […]

SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. v. INFOBRIDGE PTE. LTD., decided July 12, 2019, Public Access

U.S. Patent No. 8,917,772 relates to encoding and decoding video and is essential to a standard (page 2). A working draft is the prior art and was allegedly available during a July 2011 meeting, on a website through four step navigation with the last step being selection of one document from a list of hundreds […]

TQ DELTA, LLC. v. DISH NETWORK LLC, decided July 10, 2019, Claim Interpretation

U.S. Patent No. 8,611,404 is directed to sleep state in a multicarrier system (pages 2-3). “Without needing to reinitialize” was interpreted to provide for avoiding any one step of initialization, not just avoiding all steps (pages 9-10). The claim does not recite a previous or first initialization, so reinitialize was interpreted to be repeating the […]

CISCO SYSTEMS, INC. v. TQ DELTA, LLC., decided July 10, 2019, Claim Interpretation

U.S. Patent No. 8,611,404 is directed to sleep state in a multicarrier system (page 2). “Synchronization signal” appears only in the claims (page 4), and the specification describes a tone, referred to as a timing reference signal for synchronization (page 4). The specification also teaches frame synchronization (page 9). “Synchronization signal” was incorrectly interpreted to […]

QUAKE v. LO, decided July 10, 2010, Written Description

U.S. Patent No. 8,008,018 and Application Serial No. 12/393,833 are directed to detecting a chromosomal abnormality in fetuses using random massively parallel sequencing (page 2). The specification teaches four steps focused on targeted sequences (pages 4-5). Two paragraphs relate to massively parallel sequencing (page 6). One paragraph mentions use of technology in a published patent […]

IN RE: GLOBAL IP HOLDINGS LLC, decided July 5, 2019, Written Description

.S. Patent No. 8,690,233 is directed to vehicle load floors with sandwich-type composite panels with cellular cores (page 2). A reissue was filed to replace “thermoplastic” with “plastic” (pages 2-3). The specification only describes “thermoplastic,” yet a declaration indicated that other types of plastics are known for use in load floors and that the material […]