BRADIUM TECHNOLOGIES LLC v. IANCU, decided May 13, 2019, Claim Interpretation

U.S. Patent Nos. 7,908,343 and 8,924,506 are directed to retrieving large-scale images over a low bandwidth network to display the image on a limited processing power client device using parcel prioritization (pages 2-4). For the claim term “limited bandwidth communications channel,” the specification teaches limited bandwidth conditions due to low bandwidth channel or due to high usage of high bandwidth channel (page 18). This specification teaching provides for limited bandwidth channels due to direct constraint or indirect constraint, so the meaning is a channel whose bandwidth is limited (pages 18-21). There is no definition in the specification indicating a different meaning (page 19).

Hindsight: The use of alternatives may help broaden the meaning of a claim term. Specific definition may be needed to broaden past the ordinary meaning. Care should be taken to use terminology that does not imply an overly narrow interpretation as “limited bandwidth communications channel” may be read as only direct constraint (i.e., referring to the nature of the channel rather than resulting from usage).